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Giles & Buffy

sorry about this; I've been reading a lot of Buffy/Giles fanfic lately: manips might be considered not worksafeCollapse )+ some icons

(the last batch=Mr. Gently Benevolent. Finally got my hands on Bleak Expectations series 4)

Mixed Manips


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Some manips I've done over the years I found in a lost file. I don't believe I have posted them here before.

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Wouldn't it be lovely.

Dominance and submission vs the Head and the Heart.

I've been reading some interesting posts on possible pairings in B7 lately. Most favourited is B/A , which didn't really surprise me. It is also the most problematic pairing, because not many fans see them happily living together as a couple. Maybe that's why people so fanatically ship B/A. It's fascinating to see how  two people, who seem to have no love for each other -may even hate each other- actually end up in bed together. Personally I'm more in favour of stories about friendship between these two. I don't mind slash, but I don't necessarily like to read all the explicit stuff.

But to my surprise many people think that Avon would not be interested in Cally in a romantic way. Even V/A and S/A seem to beat C/A to second/third place. I like the C/A pairing. What would be more interesting than to see a relationship develop between the head and the heart? Avon is a man of logic and reason, a man who hides his feelings; a very private person who needs a lot of personal space. Cally on the other hand is alone and desperate for contact. She has lost all of her people and has to live with these humans, who do not share her telepathic gift. She is used to sharing thoughts. It must be very hard for a person who has had this ability all of her life, to suddenly do without. She now has to learn to read these humans, she has to learn about facial expression, body language and the meaning behind their words.

Someone once wrote that there was no fire between Avon and Cally. On the contrary. I think in a way, Cally is the female version of Blake. Compassionate, fighting for a better world, a warm personality, easy going, likable. Of course there's fire there!  Avon sees her as a threat to his privacy. Although he knows that Cally can't read his thoughts, he's still a bit weary of her. But part of him reaches out to her. Part of him wants to learn to trust and love again like he loved Anna. Cally finds it difficult to understand why Avon keeps himself so clamped up. Despite her inability to read his thoughts, she instinctively feels that Avon is a complex, but decent man. She admires his way of working,  his keen mind, his independance and is probably not blind to his good looks.
There are enough interesting aspects to explore in this relationship and it might show us a different side of Avon. In B/A -fanfic we often see the SM or BDSM explored. Maybe Avon is actually very ordinary and has no taste for angsty, kinky sex in a relationship.  


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I uploaded my fanfvids to Vimeo. I seem to have a nose for songs that are banned on YouTube and at least 5 of the vids have soundtracks that cannot be played in some parts of the world. My very first B7 vid (Dead) is banned in my country. I made an audio swap for the Avon/Cally-vid I had online, because it was also banned in many countries (mainly Germany I think). Sometimes it's okay to change the music. In this case, I think the second one works better with the new soundtrack (The Book of Love). But when you've worked hard to synchronize music and clips and YouTube suggests an audioswap, I really feel the urge to hit someone.

I've uploaded to other hosts before, but in the end the vids all got the same treatement as on YouTube. Well, for now everything seems to be working; in Sweden that is....

The history of the English Language

In for some reading fun? Below you'll find what is probably an accurate account of the history of the English language. A certain Scorpio wrote it on this website.

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Blake's 7 icons

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I made a fanvid for B7 and therefore I rewatched Rumours of Death. That wasn't too much of an effort. I love Avon and Rumours is basically about Avon, although a disproportionate part of the episode was about these two guys.    
  You'll be glad to hear that I will not mention them below .

Rumours of Death has Avon suffering beautifully in the opening scene. One should of course wonder what the hell is going on, because we are confronted with Avon, alone in prison, obviously suffering from lack of sleep after a horrible night on his uncomfortable slab. For people like me ( and those of you who are on my flist because of the fanart, should know by now that I have this thing about a suffering Avon.) these questions are totally unimportant. I feast my eyes on seeing Avon in trouble, in a prison jumpsuit that suits him better then every other outfit he's ever worn in the entire series. We are awarded a view of his

bare prison-feet
a five day old prison-beard

weary eyes 

and not a soul in sight who could help him escape. We hear the most horrible screams from somewhere in the prison; undoubtedly a poor unfortunate undergoing the same fate that lies in store for our hero. The cardboard cell door tries to slide open smoothly (...and fails due to the non-existing budget of the series) and we realise that Avon is in for a lot of trouble. Will he be manhandled by sturdy black clad Federation guards? Will he be tortured by the devious Servalan herself?  Will an absolutely evil looking interrogator bring in lots of evil instruments of torture or syringes filled with brightly coloured evil drugs that will be used to hurt poor defenseless Avon? I remember the very first time I saw the episode and I also remember how I felt when his interrogator appeared. 

....rather lengthy picspam involving some very disturbing lip-licking and suffering in the broadest sense.....Collapse )

Rumours of Death, a Fanvid:

This episode still has me puzzled. Why had Anna/Sula changed sides?  Why did she allow Avon to kill her if they were now on the same side? Why didn't she explain....something!? Was she really in favour of a People's Council or was she just a power-hungry megalomaniac  herself? Did she really love Avon? Was Avon the reason for her to betray Servalan? Would she have killed Avon with the same ease as she killed her husband Chesku? Was she already married to Chesku when she spied on Avon? Why did she choose to die and why did she choose Avon to be her executioner? Didn't she realise that he would not be able to live with himself after that? Was Anna evil?